Grafica Veneta


Trebaseleghe (PD) – Italy

Leading European company in the book printing sector. It carries out the entire production process in one of the largest industrial sites in Europe.


Grafica Veneta was founded in the 80s by Sergio Franceschi and Rino Franceschi as a commercial typographer for the printing of local public administration bulletins. At the beginning of 2000, control of the company was given to the founder’s son and nephew – Fabio Franceschi.
Under his management, the purchase of the first press for the production of black and white books took place. Thus began a new phase in the life of the company and a growth path that makes Grafica Veneta a giant of international typography.

The company today
Currently the company carries out printing and binding activities in a single site which extends for more than 100,000 covered square meters in Trebaseleghe (PD). The photovoltaic system used in the plant has a capacity of almost 9 MWp and accumulates a savings of about 3.5 thousand tons of C02.

Over 500 people make up the work community of this reality known worldwide for its operational performance and editorial projects.

Group philosophy

Sustainability is a natural vocation for the Group which works with certified paper, powers itself with renewable energy and places its commitment in the circular economy. ESG issues have always been at the center of attention and the Group’s certifications are simply proof of this. Research and innovation are the company engine that allows real flexibility, not only declared, but expressed every day in the facts; because publishing in the world has different methods, needs and operational aspects.

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