Lake Book Manufacturing


Melrose Park IL – USA

One of the most important players in the North American printing arena with cutting-edge machines.


Founded in 1970 by the Genovese family, the company has been active for over 50 years in the production of books and represents one of the most important companies in the North American market. Since 2021 it has passed totally under the control of GV Group, completely renovating the plant and introducing new cutting-edge production lines. An example of excellence in the printing sector, it has achieved high quality standards, starting a virtuous path for certifications in the field of sustainability.

Group philosophy

Sustainability is a natural vocation for the Group which works with certified paper, powers itself with renewable energy and places its commitment in the circular economy. ESG issues have always been at the center of attention and the Group’s certifications are simply proof of this.
Research and innovation are the company engine that allows real flexibility, not only declared, but expressed every day in the facts; because publishing in the world has different methods, needs and operational aspects.

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