Instant Book H24

Print, bind, and deliver in 24 hours

A distinctive factor of GV Group is the ability to offer printing solutions in extremely short periods. The H24 division is able to print, bind, and deliver to the customer volumes up to 50,000 copies in less than 24 hours.

Book Publishing

Designing and curating publications of all kinds requires experience, attention to detail and absolute complete know-how. From the initial idea to the delivery of the finished product, GV Group guarantees a first-rate operational chain: lamination, screen printing, hot stamping, die-cutting and binding, with continuous quality control.

Commercial Printing

Folders, sewers, and perfect binding machines offer the possibility of creating high quality products, which are crucial for each company to represent its image. An elegant print, of refined workmanship, does not always and necessarily require great expense. Alternative solutions: it is possible to print in two colors instead of four, or to propose monochrome materials with extremely defined and accurate shades.

Educational Publishing

Our targeted competence enables us to create material in line with the mandates of the most advanced teaching. Scholastic publishing follows precise logic – relating to the quantity of copies, the timing of production, specific educational needs – which must be thoroughly understood in order to guarantee the best service.

A long and constant collaboration with the main publishers of the sector allows GV Group to operate effectively and efficiently.

Children’s Books

Children’s books have very specific characteristics in terms of use and as reading material. It is, therefore, of fundamental importance to have the capacity and machinery to be able to create a suitable and stimulating product for the little ones.